Segen Sauce Sold at the Towson Farmers Market

We’ve been selling Segen Sauce at the Towson Farmers Market for the past 3 weeks and the reception from the Towson community has been tremendous. While we’re still waiting to bring the milder Segen Sauce Cae and other spicy goodness we are now getting ready, Segen Sauce has been the only thing we’ve been selling and we weren’t sure what the reception would be. We didn’t expect Towson to be a hot sauce-friendly town but it has proven us wrong.

Segen Sauce is spicier than most commercially-sold hot sauces and many people who say they love hot sauce find it too hot for them, so for us to be selling as many bottles as we are selling is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. We are definitely glad to offer a hot sauce presence in Towson.

We look forward to adding more flavors and products to the lineup in the coming weeks and are excited for the future.

The market takes place every Thursday until November on Allegheny Ave. between Washington Ave. and York Rd from 10:45 am to 3:00 pm. We are right in front of Towson Hot Bagel and stop selling at 2:30.

Towson Hot Sauce Maker Brings Fresh Heat and Flavor

Towson, Maryland –  Baltimore hot sauce lovers can add one more locally-made hot sauce to their list to sample. Towson Spices ( is the latest in a list of small-batch hot sauce makers in the Baltimore area and it’s bringing a lot of heat with its Segen Sauce.

What sets Segen Sauce apart, according to owner Edouard “Eddie” Mutabazi, is that “it’s hot and it brings out your food’s flavors rather than overwhelm them.”

It took 5 years of experimenting for Mr. Mutabazi to find the right balance of ingredients. While most sauces use Xanthan Gum as a thickener, Segen Sauce relies on the balance of its ingredients to thicken and prevent separation.

The ingredients also work as natural preservatives, giving the sauce a 2-3 year shelf life. “The goal was to create a hot sauce people can use without worrying about its effects on their health,” Mr. Mutabazi said. That is why the company sticks to fresh ingredients as much as possible, squeezing its own lemon juice, pressing its garlic, and pureeing fresh peppers and tomatoes onsite.

The result is a hot sauce that blends heat and flavor to a fineness sure to be appreciated by hot sauce aficionados, health-conscious or not.

Segen Sauce “Hot,” made with habanero peppers, will be available to order online at starting February 1st, while Segen Sauce “Cae,” with cayenne peppers, is expected to go on sale by the end of February. Both will be sold at several Baltimore area farmer’s markets beginning this spring.