Heading Down South

After a year of trial, we would like to announce we are moving production of Segen Sauce down to Houston, Texas. There are several reasons for the move, each of which we feel moves us in the direction of offering Segen Sauce to a wider audience at a lower price and guaranteed to a uniform quality. At the moment, we’ve been relying on several suppliers whose peppers do not always come from the same farm. This move will allow us to partner with local farmers and eventually grow our peppers and other ingredients, something the short pepper-growing season in Maryland would not allow us to do. We will also have our own production facility, so we will be able to produce more, faster, and a lower cost, and also expand our product line.

The Towson community has supported us greatly and we will forever be grateful. The company name will remain to show our appreciation and we will continue to look at ways to turn Segen Sauce into the hometown hot sauce.

We will continue to post updates throughout the move.

Thank you, again, to all those who’ve supported us.

Segen Sauce Sold at the Towson Farmers Market

We’ve been selling Segen Sauce at the Towson Farmers Market for the past 3 weeks and the reception from the Towson community has been tremendous. While we’re still waiting to bring the milder Segen Sauce Cae and other spicy goodness we are now getting ready, Segen Sauce has been the only thing we’ve been selling and we weren’t sure what the reception would be. We didn’t expect Towson to be a hot sauce-friendly town but it has proven us wrong.

Segen Sauce is spicier than most commercially-sold hot sauces and many people who say they love hot sauce find it too hot for them, so for us to be selling as many bottles as we are selling is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. We are definitely glad to offer a hot sauce presence in Towson.

We look forward to adding more flavors and products to the lineup in the coming weeks and are excited for the future.

The market takes place every Thursday until November on Allegheny Ave. between Washington Ave. and York Rd from 10:45 am to 3:00 pm. We are right in front of Towson Hot Bagel and stop selling at 2:30.